How do I edit the "About Me" on my Amazon Wishlist?
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It's quite possible I'm just being unusually stupid here, but I've put in three attempts of a half hour or so each and cannot figure out how to edit the "About Me" text that shows up to the left of my Amazon wishlist. It's not that there's anything urgent'y awful there. It just lists my hometown as 6 years out of date and my job as eight years out of date. It's driving me nuts and I'd like to kill it with fire. Where in hell is the page where I edit this?
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Click on "DirtyOldTown's" at the top of the main page (just to the right of the Amazon logo).
Then on that next page there should be a second tier of links (just below the search box) including "Your Profile"... Yep, click it...
THEN there's a yellow "Edit Your Profile" button on the right side of the page.
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Response by poster: That allows you to edit something called "In my own words." I edited that but the "About Me" section (which seems to be entirely different) remains unchanged.
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Best answer:

Left side, Plus sign, Under your name. "Show List Profile".

"Update this list's profile."
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Response by poster: I found a similar set of instructions here. But upon clicking on the page you linked, my name only appears on the left in two places: my first name to the right of the logo ("Dirty's") and as part of my wishlist name. Neither option has a plus under it or near it and there is no adjacent option of any other kind that then takes me to a page where I can "Show list profile."
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Best answer: bensherman's thing works for me. What browser are you using? The + sign is right next to what would be my avatar, if I had one. It is above a link to create another wishlist. Does that help?
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If it helps, I don't see the + sign in chrome (with various ad blocks running) but when I switch to firefox, I see it.
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Response by poster: THAT'S IT! It is bensherman's suggestion, but it doesn't work in Chrome! Equal credit to you both!

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