Where can I buy 12" wheels for a balance bike in and around Toronto?
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Where can I buy 12" wheels for a balance bike in and around Toronto (or online)?

I'm planning on making a wooden balance bike for my daughter's 2nd birthday and the thing will need wheels to make it go. Where can I source these things in the Toronto area, or online from somewhere that will ship here? Metal, plastic or wood are all OK although wood is my 1st choice.

I've checked Rona and Canadian tire for lawnmower and wheel barrow/cart wheels and there are some contenders but was wondering if there were better sources I hadn't looked at. Stroller replacement wheels were another idea but finding places that shipped to Canada were a problem. It would be nice to actually see the wheels in person as well.

While I could just buy a balance bike, I enjoy woodworking and this looks like a fun project.
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Are you specifically looking for non-bicycle wheels, because you can get those at any bike shop or online.
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Response by poster: No, bike wheels are fine. I haven't had the chance to go to a bike store in person yet and haven't been able to find wheels that small online. But if I can just walk to Cyclepath this weekend and they'll have them then that's perfect.
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Best answer: Any competent bike shop should be able to order these for you. They might have them in stock, but I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't. A 12" front steel wheel would run my customer about $21, so $42 for two front wheels (you don't need a rear wheel, use two fronts). You'll still need rim tape (2 x $4.95), tubes (go ahead and ask for thorn resistant tubes since weight isn't really an issue, so 2 x $8.00) and tires (2 x $10).

If you don't want steel wheels, Wheel Master sells a 12" ABS mag wheel that I would charge about $18 for. There's less to rust and you don't need rim tape.

The only wooden wheels I know of are the wheel assemblies you can buy for the Skuut balance bikes. I don't know if they ship to Canada, but here is one source for that wheel.
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I volunteer at a bike co-op in Kitchener and often have people taking kids bikes (we fix and give away kids bikes) for homemade balance bikes. Bike Pirates and Bike Sauce are both co-op type shops that might have some wheels or even whole bikes for sale. You could just take the wheels off the bike and save the frame for when the child wants to start using pedals. I haven't been to bike pirates in a long time but I'd be surprised if you paid more than 10$ for all the stuff you'd need. Could also just kijiji a kids bike for 20$
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