Cat sitter recommendation: Chicago edition
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Hello sage MeFites! Due to the usual vagaries of life (moving, grad school, etc), my usual wonderful cat-sitters are no longer quite so readily available to coddle the whims of my neurotic, adorable kitteh (SLYT of her torrid love affair with my humidifier). Do any Chicago MeFites know of a reliable, friendly cat-sitter who would be available for a north side kitty in November?

I will definitely need this person for a few days mid-month, and possibly over the Thanksgiving holiday. This person would not need to stay in my home or even do very much--just refill food and water, and scoop litter. Odds are, this person will never even SEE the cat, and will have to take my word for it that she exists (she is very good at hiding).

I have looked on, but a personal recommendation would make me far more comfortable if anyone has one. Many thanks!
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Who is your vet? Animal Medical Center posts cat/dogsitting gigs on the staff notices board and the techs sometimes take those jobs. Check with your vet and see if they do the same. It's not quite a personal recommendation, but it's one step closer than random strangers.
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I live on the north side (east Rogers Park), and have cat sitting experience and references, I could maybe sit for you depending on exact location. I also have a cat and could possibly do a cat sitting swap. Let me know if you're interested at all? I'll definitely be staying in town for Thanksgiving.
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