Help me with my advent calendar woes!
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Christmaszilla filter: this Christmas ALL I want is an advent calendar that has little nativity figurines in the little slots so that you take one out each day and build a nativity set. Help!

I like this advent calendar but my husband will baulk at my spending £60 on what is, essentially, a Christmas decoration!

Is there ANY chance there is a cheaper version anywhere? Ideally UK but am happy to look at international sites. I don't mind what material/size etc, it's just the whole concept of taking nativity figures out of the calendar that appeals to me. :)
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How's your German? Searching for "adventskalender krippe" got me this €20 set, for instance, which I believe they will ship internationally.
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I don't know anything about international shipping, but this is being sold at the Catholic goods store near my house.
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You could do a fabric one or a magnetic one (though that one isn't any cheaper)!
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You could sew the calendar and decant a nativity setup into each pocket?

It might be £60 now, but you'll be using it years into the future.
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Following ManyLeggedCreature's German searching suggestion brings up the exact calendar you linked, being sold for 34.99 EUR on a German site. Not sure what the international shipping is, but it beats £60.
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Response by poster: Thanks guys for all your help!

Haha I am not a great sewer tel3path but it's something to consider!

After having another look I did find this fabric one which I think may hit the spot... I will check out the German ones too tho because they will probably be better quality.
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Awww, that one you found is super cute. Go for it! But as an alternative, Lego offers a Star Wars Advent calendar for 2013 and a non-Star Wars version. Each one has a tiny thing to be assembled each day. My sons beg for them every year but my wife refuses.
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Response by poster: Thanks wenestvedt! When the DCs are a bit older I think they will love a Stars Wars one!
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