All the jeans are skinny. Where are the nice trouser or bootcut jeans?
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Spent some time in looking for new jeans today and the shops only had very skinny or still rather skinny jeans. Was told that was just what was in style now. Looked at many nice brands: Joe, Paige, Fidelity, JBrand...but none suited me because I am looking for a slightly looser fit. I want high quality nice jeans that do not squeeze my calves/legs/cling. What brands should I look for? Am in Toronto and would prefer to try them on.
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You don't mention Levi's. They have non-skinny cuts, at least for men (so for women too, one would hope). I go to the Sears in Eaton Centre for mine. They're usually on sale and the fitting room is blessedly empty.
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I'd try a western wear store, they'd have bootcut jeans regardless of trends.
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NYDJ has several styles of 'trouser cut' jeans. Nordtrom carries a pretty broad selection, and offers free shipping/returns. Note - these are fairly high-waisted (but not "mom jeans").
You don't say what size you are, but Lane Bryant also carries trouser/boot cut jeans, and the price is pretty good.
Additionally, I've seen Jones New York and Lauren (for Ralph Lauren) in trouser cut jeans. As usual, it depends on what your local stores carry...
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Even though skinny is queen right now, all of those brands ou mentioned have straight leg, bootcut, and wide leg styles. You could also try Gap for those styles.

I would also consider searching at places like TJ Maxx (one with a Runway, especially), Loehmanns, and nordstoms rack. Since skinny is so popular, there are overruns of the ther styles and they often end up at those stores for great prices!
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J. Crew sells fabulous boot cuts. So does Lucky Brand. I recommend J. Crew jeans personally. They have excellent customer when things go wrong, too. (One week after purchasing and my bike seat ripped a hole in the crotch. No questions asked exchange.)
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LOFT still carries boot cut, flare and trouser style. Here is the link to the denim section, you will need to filter for the desired style. If you haven't shopped LOFT before, wait until there is a 30-40% off sale. Because there's always a 30-40% off sale coming up.
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[Hey, LOFT ships to Canada now?! That's great.]

Personally, I have had good luck with Banana Republic jeans. Not all of them, but there's usually at least one style that works for me. They do carry bootcut and trouser jeans as well as skinnies. Also, I've found their jeans are good quality and last a long time. The nice thing about BR is there will definitely be a store in Toronto where you can try before you buy.
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Also: if you're not too wee, try the men's section. (If you are wee, try boys'.)
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Seconding Loft. I get the straight leg ones usually - they basically hang straight from the knee (as opposed to clinging to your calves) without looking untrendy (if you're youngish, bootcut jeans are read that way, I find).
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I feel you on the skinny jeans thing. I only love boot cut. For the past [mumble] years, I've worn Gap boot cut jeans (Long and Lean and Perfect Boot) and I just got a pair of Levi's (first pair I've had since high school) -- boot cut in the "demi curve" fit -- and I quite like them.
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If you can get to some of the malls outside the TO city centre to get to a Ricki's, I have had good luck with their Silver brand boot cut jeans. Dark wash, super soft, little bit of stretch, best jeans I've found in a while. I also hate the skinny pant trend - it does nothing for me. The store's own brand of jeans is ok, but the Silver brand is better, I think.

Ricki's has stores in the burbs just side of Toronto - Etobicoke, Brampton, Markham, etc, but none in the city itself, sorry. Here's their website.
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Eddie Bauer has boot cut and trouser jeans, done in "curvy", "slightly curvy" and "truly straight" cuts. They usually run a buy one get half off sale a few times a year.
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Just want to chime in for the Eddie Bauer jeans. I have had the same challenge you've had in finding non-skinny jeans (argh! Seriously! Make it stop!) and went in to Eddie Bauer on a whim. I'm an hourglass-shaped US size 10-12 and love the pair of bootcut jeans I bought there. Didn't have to hem them, and I can wear them with flat boots without them dragging. And they were only $60, which was a nice change from what I'm used to paying for nicer jeans.
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Seconding Jcrew. The jeans are really high quality (not as buttery soft as designer jeans, but they have really great longevity). They have bootcut and trouser styles; I take the same size in Jcrew jeans that I do in 7s. Once you know your size, you can get them for about $40 from the factory outlet (online or at an outlet center).

Express also has a wide range of jean types.
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If you aren't concerned about trendy brand names, I'd simply go to a big box store and take a look at Wranglers or Levis. I hate, with the intensity of an exploding star, skinny jeans. I wear Wranglers all the time, and find them perfectly comfortable, no-nonsense, well-made and durable jeans.
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You've tried checking Over the Rainbow and Body Blue? Over the Rainbow, at least, has several flared, bootcut and boyfriend cuts on the site, but both might be worth walking in and describing exactly what you want.

I also have good luck buying denim at the Anthropologie in Yorkville. They seem to have lots of wider cuts this season.
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Response by poster: To answer, yes was at Over the Rainbow in the jean quest -- and they only had skinny jeans. But not Body Blue. Thank you all for the excellent tips!
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I'm a big fan of Seven for All Mankind Dojos. It took me a lot of trial and error to find them, but these are now my go to jeans. A bit spendy but worth it. And they're having a sale right now!
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