Print to FAIL on trying to figure this out on my own.
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How to save gmail emails and attachments to Dropbox sub folder on iPad?

I have a simple accounting system. When a receipt for an online business purchase comes in the email, I print it to Pdf directly to a folder in Dropbox. Well, on my computers that's how it goes.

I am trying to be able to do everything on the iPad that I need to for my business, and one of those is saving an email receipt for later reconciliation to a Dropbox file. I also need this feature to save select client emails. I also need to figure out how to save email attachments to their correct Dropbox client files.

I feel silly even asking this, it sounds so basic. But I can't figure it out, and googling has sent me in circles and I've downloaded two apps that are supposed to support the print to pdf function and instead they instructed me to copy the text, open their app and paste it. seriously. Have tried Mail app and Gmail app, to no avail. Can't save can't print no luck.

So (1) how can I save emails (even htm would be okay though PDF better) to Dropbox sub folder on my iPad? And (2) same question for attachments?

Ok (3) is this an iPad 1 v 2 issue?

Thanks mucho.
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ifttt should be able to do this for you.
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