How do I buy a Ukranian folk artist's print - Maria Primachenko?
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I fell in love this week with Maria Primachenko who is just so so good, like staring at the pictures on my screen in wonder and delight, and I badly want a full-size or at least reasonably large print to frame - I love them all, so any of her works would do. All I can find are some dubious quality replicas at Wahooart, but I'll settle for postcards at this point. I can't find any of the books or albums about her on my usual book source searches either. Any ideas?
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Try searching using the spelling "Pryimachenko." When I did that on Bookfinder and on Amazon, I got some decent hits, at least for books and albums. No idea about how to find prints, unfortunately. The alternate spelling didn't help me there.
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This may be helpful:

Apparently this museum has a substantial collection of her work. This may mean that they have a gift shop with prints to sell. Alas, they do not seem to have a website, but they do have a phone number.
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You're looking for a good quality reproduction, right? Not a signed, numbered artist's print--she didn't work in print-making. The Folk Art museum in Kiev has some of her work.
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From what I've seen, Ukrainian museums aren't set up to sell prints and postcards. Ukraine has minimal online shopping, since intercity parcel service is pretty bad. It looks like a volume of reproductions of her work was published in Ukraine in 2008. This claims to have copies for distribution in the US. Your other option is to buy a used copy from a private seller in Kiev, in cash, in person, because that's how Ukrainians seem to roll.
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Jesus, I hate phones. It took me ten minutes to write that comment and it still didn't come out right.
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Response by poster: Thanks to all who answered - I have my Christmas present sorted out now! I also am pestering friends who travel to the Ukraine to keep an eye out for me.
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Response by poster: Just updating: my husband surprised me with two very nice books of Pryimachenko ordered over ebay from the Ukraine. One was two decades old, and the other was a museum gallery copy from a centenary exhibition.
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