Need a cheap necklace that resembles ice cubes
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I'm going as a Singapore Sling for Halloween. I'm looking for a necklace that resembles ice. Can you help?

This is perfect, but too expensive and also sold out. Under $25 would be great. It can even be plastic! Chunky, clear and short is what I'm looking for. I'll be in a strapless red dress, with cherry earrings. It would need to get here before Halloween. I feel like I'm not using correct search terms (I've tried chunky, ice cube necklace, rock quartz, fake diamond, fake crystal, etc).

I'm in Minneapolis if you have any local ideas. Thanks, MeFites!
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Best answer: If you have a Michael's or JoAnne's Fabrics near you, they always have big, clear square beads in their beading supplies. Stringing a necklace takes about 10 minutes, and if you are only using it for the night, you could get away with just tying it around your neck.
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Best answer: You might also try using "lucite" in your search if you haven't yet.
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Best answer: And "nugget" which is the shape name for the type of bead being used in your sample necklace.

For example, Shipwreck beads has these.
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Response by poster: The term "nugget" just opened up the world of ice cube necklaces for me. And I didn't even consider doing it myself at a craft store (I have a black thumb for craft), but I could handle stringing some beads together. Thank you, MeFi.
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Best answer: Try googling "plastic ice necklace" and there are some good options. Here's one from etsy. Seconding checking a craft store, too. What a great idea for a costume, btw!
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Best answer: This might work though it will be shipped from NH.
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florist or floral supply store...they always have those big plastic 'rocks' that look like cracked ice...and floral wire to wrap around them to hold them together...they usually come in a big bag and are cheap.
here they are on amazon but trust me they have them locally, wherever you are.
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Your link indicates that Singapore Slings are served straight up, no ice.

Perhaps a Cherry necklace?
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Response by poster: I'm attending a party at a bar that does the Gin Sling variation as a signature drink, which has ice. However, I'm also wearing a cherry necklace, so you were right on track.

Empidonax: I decided to buy the one you linked to!

Thanks again, everyone.
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