Where can I find good drum machine programs to download?
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In search of a good drum machine program to download. What are some good recommendations?

I've had to store away my drum set and now I'm without drums. I'm looking for any good VST plugins or programs that I can download to my laptop and use.

I really enjoy 808 style drums. Simple beats (jazz, rock, pop) that I can play my bass and electric to. I want to stay away from realistic samples. I have Reaper downloaded on my computer and I also have an AKAI MPK Mini MIDI controller. I've downloaded numerous VST plugins but I haven't found any that I like. Are there any programs that come loaded with various drum beats? I'm not very good at taking samples and creating beats because it's too awkward for me. Especially on my MIDI controller. I know an electronic drum set would be a good recommendation but I can't afford one now.

I've searched free drum loop websites but most of them are just too over-the-top for me. Are there any that have a lot of old school 808 drum loops?

Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated.
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So if you know how use an 808, Propellerheads has Rebirth available for free. (And you get a 909 + 2 303s)! Works on Windows, but not Mac. Registration required. You can download songs to play with the program at the same site.
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For the iPad, I love DM1.
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You could try buying an issue of Computer Music magazine (British, available in the US). Every issue comes with a DVD with VSTs on it, and one of them is a basic drum machine one. Otherwise there are a ton of free VSTs that simulate drum machines. Try searching on the kvr website to find some, and try a bunch until you find one you like. 808 VST might be a good search term.
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