How do I Google for this kind of "quick release" keychain clasp?
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What is this type of keychain clasp called? Is there a specific "industry lingo" name for it?

I'm looking for sources where I can buy these types of removable quick-release clasps for my Keyport Slide keychain. Keyport sells this plastic version of what I'm looking for, but the nylon string is very weak, and has already pulled itself out of the plastic housing after a month of usage. Searching for "Detachable Quick Release Lanyard" mostly returns results for the Keyport website, so I'm having a hard time finding alternative sources for this thing.

I've tried other forms of keychain attachment technology (such as the Nite Ize S-Biner Microlock), but I haven't been happy with the release method of anything else I've tried, so far. The "Detachable Quick-Release Lanyard" (as it's called in the Keyport store) is so far the only kind of mechanism that works perfectly for my needs. I'd just like to find a higher-quality version of this exact clasp, if such a thing even exists.

I'm also open to suggestions for alternative products that would serve the same purpose. The reason why I like this particular clasp is that it's the only thing I've tried that allows me to easily remove the key-fob for my parking-garage's entry swiper/scanner-thingy with one hand. Things like mini carabiners or S-Biners require too much fiddling to liberate the key fob from my main keychain. The aforementioned Nite Ize S-Biner is actually a pretty damn close alternative to what I'm looking for, but I've found that the tiny notch at the end of the "s"-hook causes the biner to get caught up on the keyring as I'm trying to remove it, when my Keyport Slide is still inserted in my car's ignition.
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I think valet keychain may help you find what you are looking for.
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Best answer: I think that's called a parachute buckle or "side-release buckle" (if I'm interpreting the question correctly...)
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That's a variant on a side-release buckle. I don't know the name for the specific variant though, unfortunately. Not even sure if there is one.
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This company sells a lot of different kind of key separators. If you're set on a buckle type, you might like this. I've been very happy with this type and think you might want to try it. I find it very easy to separate with the push button, but it never separates accidentally. You'll want to put the key fob on the side with the push button.

Haven't shopped from this retailer before, so I can't comment on them. They were just one of many that came up when I did a Google image search on "quick release keychain".
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Best answer: Maxpedition Tritum Key Ring?

My local sewing/crafts megastores carry side-release buckles in their sewing notions aisles. Worth a call to your local stores.
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