Help me hipsterize my office.
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Looking for cool hipstery, geeky office decorations, posters, furniture, office supplies, etc. Gimme your ideas Mefites!

Hey all,

I recently started a new job in a relatively young and progressive design company, and I want to set a tone in my office decoration that is designy, but fun and a bit geeky too. Likewise, the company has a budget for larger plans to decorate the rest of the office. So, I'm looking for suggestions for ideas, cool artwork, posters, office doodads, furniture, installation, etc., etc. Anything that's young, hip, geeky, design-y, etc. If it can walk a line between classy and hip, that would be ideal.

We are also looking to decorate some of our main common areas, like the boardroom, so I'm very open to uber-unique ideas on that front. We also have a shared space where we could set up a lounge or something similar. Any thoughts?

For instance, I dig the work that Pop Chart Labs does, and would like to see more options out there in that vein.

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Well, I'm not exactly a hipster, but I love the stuff that Poppin has for office supplies and furniture. My pens and planner are a hit.

(Plus they sent me a handrwitten thank you card after my order!)
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If you have any natural light, you might want to look at getting some cool plants.
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I love these posters:

For essential creative encouragement:

I love these posters:

I'd also surf stuff like and and
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How about some 8-bit retro prints by a graphic designer who created many of the original Mac UI elements?
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I think the old WPA posters are really nice and the Library of Congress has a duplication service available.
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I think a lot of these Amtrak posters have a really cool, iconic look.
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Google Ernst Haeckel poster. I'm thinking of getting one.
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Check out GAMA-GO. You probably need the turntable timer, the glow in the dark candlestick, or some party hats.
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I have maps left over from my backpacking days all over my office, with occaisional favorite postcards of the same areas added in here & there.
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I think everyone needs googly eyes on their staplers and staple removers.
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Hang one of those Lyft mustaches on your wall.
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A collection of potted succulents.
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Not hipster-y per se, but I just met someone with a bat'leth letter opener on his desk, and it was pretty much the highlight of my day.

If nothing else, it definitely strikes the sort of "you probably don't know what this is a reference to" note that hipsters are so fond of.
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Maybe or Urban Outfitters
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I answered this question with this:

I used to work in cubeville for a health-related company, everything monotone and cookie cutter with long long hallways. I had a "stuffed nose" toy from pharma schwag, which was essentially a 10" nose with arms and legs. My cube was on a hall so most people passed by at least a couple times a day. So the nose sat atop my cube wall facing them. I gave him googly eyes and created a whole wardrobe for the little schnoz. He had a bowler hat, a Minnie Pearl hat, Lennon glasses, a peace necklace and a flowered headband, a little suit. And a voice bubble. His wardrobe was limited but his message would change often. Sometimes people would detour my way to see what the nose was up to that day.

Something like that?
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I like these subway line posters. A few different ones on a wall could be cool.
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How about an Ecosphere? No maintenance required, but can't be in direct sunlight.
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The red Swingline Stapler is a pretty geeky office accessory. Just be sure that everyone has their own, because if someone has to take someone else's... well the building might just get burned down.
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