Can Software Help Me Keep Track of What I've Assigned My Interns?
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I'm a first-time manager of three student workers. I'm doing a pretty good job, I think, of keeping them occupied with things to do and providing guidance where needed. But I have a lot on my own plate, and I've lost track once or twice of who I've asked to do what and how much I've asked each to do. Is there a software solution that can help me keep track of all these balls in the air?

For what it's worth, I use a Mac. I like Wunderlist to a certain extent for keeping track of my own to-do list, but unless I'm using it wrong, it's not good for tracking assignments unless the other people you work with are also users. I'd like something simple...not a lot of bells and whistles, but still easy to use and with a good layout.
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I've used Asana for work tasks.
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I'd use Trello

Create one board with all the stuff that needs to be done then one board for each intern. Drag and drop tasks accordingly.

Everyone can view etc..
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The easiest solution might be to create (and maybe share with them?) a Google Drive spreadsheet with columns for Tasks, Assigned To, Date Assigned, Date Due, and whatever else you need to track. I tend to find that my organizational systems are most useful when I pick the simplest possible tool for the task, so if all you want is a list of who's doing what when, a spreadsheet is probably the simplest.
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Basecamp is great for this and it's pretty cheap for small teams. I do also love Trello for my own personal stuff but not for team stuff so much. Then again Trello is free so it might be worth it to try to make it work.
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Response by poster: For the record, I don't think I'm looking for a system that will require them to have accounts. Just something that I can use to keep track of things myself.
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It could work either way, with them registering or not. If you do have them sign up, they can then add tasks on their own, for instance if someone else gave them work to do, or doing Task A uncovered sub tasks b & c, etc.

You can have a running list of things to be done, and let them grab the tasks, put them on their own boards at their own pace too. You can see when their tasks are done, they can ask you questions about things, ask other interns advice on things.

I could go on, or you could just go try it. Its free.
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Came in to recommend Trello as well! I'd just make a list for each intern then use the colour-coding labels to track status.
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Seconding Asana - You can really easily add team members, then assign tasks. With their email notification system you know as soon as someone has completed a task, and the whole notes and commenting systems are really robust as well. It's pretty much designed specifically for what you are after.
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