Love letter in Portuguese
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PortugueseFilter: So there is this smoking hot Brazilian in my writing discussion...

and I'd like to give her a nice, anonymous note written in Portuguese, and I have a better mind than to use a free web translator. Any suggestions of what to say and how to say it?
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You should open with something like, "I don't actually know Portuguese, but ...." Otherwise she might end up thinking that you're a schmuck later.
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My advice exactly TG. When you start off with a lie, things don't go well from there on out. Be honest about your lack of ability. Maybe you could suggest that you would be interested in learning more?
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Concordo! Or learn some Portuguese. Maybe an anonymous note is um pouco estranho?

The most basic intro could just be "Oi, tudo bem?" Why pretend you know more than you do?
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What in god's name is an anonymous note going to accomplish? Why start out with games? How bout you walk up to her and ask her if you can take her to dinner and learn a little portuguese? Sack up, cowboy/girl.
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tu es munto bonita
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>>tu es munto bonita

Maybe AskMeFi is not the best place to seek advice. Or offer it.
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This borders on insulting.
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It borders on incorrect.
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Proibido fumar.
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smoking hot Brazilian!
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That was my Portuguese co-worker who typed that.
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O que é munto?
posted by sagwalla at 8:30 AM on October 5, 2005

Girl speaking here - An anonymous note like that would creep me out big time, and when I found out who it was from, I would probably make a point of keeping my distance. Your idea is highly unlikely to be construed as either mysterious or romantic, I'm afraid, and is more likely to backfire. Whatever happened to going up to someone and introducing yourself?

Minor pick: She's a woman from Brazil, or a Brazilian woman, not "a Brazilian."
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boomchicka, are you an American?
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Unless you're the aloof, affable Hugh Grant don't do this. When a girl looks over and sees a note and you're anything short of handsome times ten, than it won't work. And if you were handsome times ten you'd probably wouldn't need our advice.
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You could probably convince MiguelCardoso to help you with this. Of course, inevitably, the note he wrote would a) be way too long, and b) lead only to a discussion of the merits/flaws of Miguel Cardoso.

Or c) work perfectly!
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Mil e uma noites de amor com você
Na praia num barco
Num farol apagado
Num moinho abandonado
Em mar grande alto astral
Lá em Hollywood pra de tudo rolar
Vendo estrelas caindo
Vendo a noite passar
Eu e você
Na ilha do sol
Na ilha do sol

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Actually, I can guarantee you'll make a much better impression by just walking over, saying 'Hi', and starting a pleasant conversation with her.
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what spicynuts and boomchicka said.
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Forget the note (that would be kinda creepy) and try geography. Get a tourbook for Brazil, or look online. Then if you talk to the girl and ask her where she's from, you will probably impress her more and freak her out less by having a vague notion about the region she is from than pretending to know a language.

This site was recommended to me when I went to Brazil. In addition to the phrases, it has a bit of the culture thrown in. I got a Lonely Planet phrasebook instead and that was more useful.
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That's like me walking up to the Mexican lab assistant and asking who dropped the chalupa. English apparently doesn't suffice!
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it will probably help you get laid if you let her know that you appreciate her for something less shallow than her "smoking hotness" or her ethnicity. hope this helps!
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There's a huge number of Brazilians on Fotolog. Maybe you could learn something from there.
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I agree with those who advise against anonymous pretensions of Portugosity. Just say "Hi!" and start talking.

As a side note, I don't think I've ever flagged so many comments as "noise" in a single AskMe thread.
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Oh well, one more couldn't hurt:

>>As a side note, I don't think I've ever flagged so many comments as "noise" in a single AskMe thread.

sem sentido de humor


Você é linda, Mefi.
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Oh, hell, that looked okay in preview...
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not "a Brazilian."

exactly. that makes me think of wax, frankly. "Brazilian woman" sounds way better. and I second those who say that saying her "hi" and introducing yourself sounds like a much better idea. trying to be interested in something more than her "hawtness" would probably help, too. it makes for more interesting conversation

I don't think I've ever flagged so many comments as "noise" in a single AskMe thread.

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As someone who has been on the receiving end of anonymous notes/flowers, it's really not as fun/cute/romantic as it appears in the movies. For me it was annoying and bordered on creepy.

I definitely agree with Yorrick. Geography in this case would be much more impressive. If you could find out in advance what city she was from and then do a little research into the region, you could initiate a conversation about something specific to it. That would be great for her saudades and quite endearing. Don't try to pass yourself off as an expert, just use it as a starting point for conversation. As a Brazilian overseas, she probably only gets asked about certain stereotypical things (e.g. Carnaval) so it will probably be exciting to her to get to really talk about herself and where she comes from.
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Walk up to her and say "You know, Miguel Cardoso and I contribute to the same web site."
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Forget the whole Brazilian angle whether it by language, geography, or wax. She's in your writing discussion. Sit next to her and discuss writing.
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Don't make a point of the fact that she's Brazilian. That's what every other schmuck does, she's tired of it. Plus, anglo people (I assume you're one) have these lame stereotypes about how passionate/rythmic/romantic latinamericans and especially brazilians are and it's also tiring (not saying that you have these stereotypes, just that if your whole angle is 'hey, you're from Brazil!' it might fall flat).
Ask her (intelligent) questions, listen to the answers and take it from there.
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Brasileiras... they can take a man to crazyness...

Why not start by:

"Estar ao pé de ti dá-me vontade de aprender português; Como seria bom partilhar contigo essa aprendizagem..."
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