Save me From Tim McCarver & Joe Buck
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My Comcast feed and the audio feed are about 30 seconds off. Unfortunately, the Comcast video is running 30 seconds behind the audio. When I had DirecTV the audio was always about 1 minute behind, so it was easy to simply pause the TV until the audio caught up, then watch it off the DVR on a 1 minute delay synched to the audio feed. How can I achieve the same result pausing the audio stream via Linux solutions are best as my laptop runs the latest Ubuntu LTS. Android ok too if there is an app that does this that I haven't found. Please help, I just can't listen to Joe Buck and Tim McCarver for another game, let alone the entire World Series.
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I'm assuming that you don't have a DVR for Comcast? Or are you watching/listening to both on your laptop?
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There's an official GameDay Android app that streams the radio broadcast, but you have to pay for it over and above your existing GameDay subscription, because money.
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Response by poster: I've got the Android app - it is what I tried last night and discovered that the audio is ahead of the TV feed, and of course the DVR is not helpful for jumping 30 seconds into the future. I didn't think to check if the stream on the web was the same - I just assumed it was. So I'll check that, but I'll be surprised if it's not the same.
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I think you can pause the web stream? I know you can seek back. Not exactly helpful unless you have a computer in the room with your TV, though.
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I feel your pain.

Have you tried good ol' AM/FM radio? Depending on the station, it could be delayed more than your cable feed.
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Building on hamsterdam's thought... if you found an AM/FM station broadcasting the game, but dialed it up on, maybe that roundabout path would buffer the audio to sync up with vid?
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Rogue Amoeba has a new app that does just what you want but it's for OSX. It's called Intermission. I know not Linux or android but might be useful as a data point.
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Tunein Radio (web site and app) carry the ESPN feed free. I think the free app lets you pause, so if I understand the delay correctly, there's that. I know the paid version includes recording, but I can't remember if pause/rewind is on the free one.
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Software that records audio from the microphone jack and plays it out through the speaker jack 30 seconds later would be fairly easy to write. Do you have an extra laptop and a computer programmer-friend around?
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I just got an e-mail from Rogue Amoeba about a Macintosh app that lets you pause, resume, and effectively time-delay internet audio broadcasts. It sounds like exactly what you'd need for this. The app is called Intermission.
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