Wordpress Slider with Scheduling/Log?
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I know there are dozens of Wordpress plugins that handle sliders, but I have a couple of specific requests for corporate use: namely, scheduling and logging.

I currently use a Wordpress image/link slider on the front page of a corporate website, but there are often demands by sales to swap out the slider order and message to accommodate the most pressing sales goals. As such, being able to schedule when changes are made (if a sale ends at midnight, change the banner at 12:01 am! Move a banner first in line to third after date X!) and having a log of what those changes were to track ROI on slider changes would be massively helpful.

Granted, having things like touch controls would also be nice because we're running ancient code, but my main concern is the scheduling/logging--are there any WP plugins that do this? Could this be hacked around as a custom post type? Any advice?
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I'm not aware of anything like you're asking for in one plugin.

I'd probably recommend creating a custom post type for Slider Images. Then I'd code up a slider using FlexSlider or CarouFredSel or similar (i.e., not using a plugin). I'd then use a plugin like Simple History to track changes, and something Post Expirator to remove it.

It's a bit hacky, but should serve the purpose you're after.

FWIW, I've had similar (not the same) requests from clients in the past. We've often worked out that the best process is to just record changes in an Excel sheet or similar, as it's going to end up there anyway. Manually handling post addition and removal can often be the best solution too, as the requests often quickly get esoteric and expensive to program for.
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