I know, I know... another Halloween costume question
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I am completely stumped this year for Halloween, and my fall back idea has been commandeered. Slightly nerdy ideas are encouraged, and while I am usually okay with being completely unsexy and going as a dude, I'm kind of burnt out on that route this year. Any ideas?

Looks wise, I'm a short curvy brunette, although hair can easily be changed. My one idea that I am still kind of playing with was to go as an Observer from Fringe, but that leads me back to the going as a man thing. I could go as a female Observer, but don't really want to have to field questions all night, or have some of the more pretentious party-goers explain to me that all Observers are male... and bald.

Other than that I am totally stuck. Generally I like relatively nerdy ideas, but nothing too crazy. TV show characters yes, movie characters yes, book characters yes, nostalgia yes. Anything really at this point. Our party is next Friday which is super soon, so I need to get a move on. Any ideas? Really... Anything.
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If I were a brunette I would totally go as Marie from Breaking Bad. Wear something purple, and carry a big tote bag filled with random purloined items (definitely some fancy spoons, natch.)
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The best response I ever got to a costume was when I went as Carla from Cheers. This was about five years ago, long after the show ended...everyone still recognized me and laughed. All you need is an Afro wig, an 80s top, big earrings, a pillow to shove up your shirt, an apron, and finish your look with jeans and sneakers.
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The ballerina from Cabin in the Woods: nerdy, feminine, horrific, and contemporary. The only real trouble is coming up with a mask that covers most of your face with teeth.
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topanga from boy meets world? that should be reasonably easy to put together at a thrift store.

or any of the girls from Despicable Me
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OK this is a real groaner, but .... dress as a waitress. Get a serving tray. Put some of those fake spider webs on it.

You're a (ba dum bum)... web server.
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Ok, an easy nerdy one is to be Buffy. All you really need is a blonde wig, wooden stake, and cross necklace. Clothing doesn't really matter if you have those elements, but I'd go with black pants and a tank top.
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I was Carmen Sandiego a few years ago. I went to a thrift store and picked up a red trench coat and a fedora that I spray-painted red, and wore a big black belt and black boots and shoved a few maps in my pocket. Then, I just ran around hiding from people and stealing drinks all night.
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As a fellow short, curvy, nerdy brunette, my fallback costumes are Daria and Velma. You can put as much or as little effort as you want into it, and can be anywhere on the range of sexy-to-modest (well, sexing Daria up would be out of character, but that could be part of the joke).

This year I'm going as Cheryl/Carol from Archer. The easy parts: black pencil skirt, professional orange top, black pumps, pearl earrings, a bun. The added details: an ISIS employee badge, a stuffed ocelot, and red choke-prints around my neck.

(I don't always go as humanoid characters of my own gender, but it's easy and convenient because I can buy real clothes for the costume and possibly wear them later in a non-costume context, and I usually don't have to do much with my hair.)
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Lots and lots of fantastic ideas here: Take Back Halloween.
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Frida Kahlo!
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There are lots of great face painting ideas on pinterest...here's a Cheshire Cat. Lots more here. You could do Elphaba or Medusa. You could maybe sexxy up this rabbit in a hat costume...actually, just go poke around on pinterest
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You could TOTALLY go as an observer. The key is to get a bald cap, a hat, paint your eyebrows flesh colored (or cover them with fake skin from a special effects kit), lighten your face with powder, carry a briefcase, and wear a suit.

I don't really have another suggestion, but I'd love to see a female observer! So cool!
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How long do you have to wear it? Do you want to answer questions, have a schtick, gimmick or be in character?

If you don't just get to be in and out for an appearance, photo or brief promenade, I always say go for comfort. If you're not going for an overwhelming spectacle, I still think it's funny to play on the sticking "sexy" on usually really non-sexy things: sexy Woody Allen, sexy Lincoln, sexy Hitler, etc. All that amounts to is having something a little form fitting or revealing along with your hat, wig, mustache, etc.
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You want to do "sexy"? Wear a skin-colored bodysuit and a long blond wig. You're Lady Godiva. Personally, I'm up to ^^^^here with "sexy" being a requirement for a female costume. I like the Observer idea. If someone claims there are no female Observers, smile knowingly and say "Oh, of course there aren't. Of course.", smile pityingly and change the subject or walk away.
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This might only be relevant to Canadians, but a friend dressed up as one of the kids from You Can't Do that on Television!, complete with slime.
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Anoia, Discworld's Goddess of Things that Get Stuck in Drawers. White sheet Grecian robe, crown of bent silverware, scepter topped with a ladle.
Anoia is praised by rattling a drawer and crying "How can it close on the damned thing but not open with it? Who bought this? Do we ever use it?" As she says, sooner or later every curse is a prayer. She also eats corkscrews and is responsible for Things Down The Backs of Sofas, and is considering moving into stuck zips.
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I work at a vintage shop, and have spent much of the last week brainstorming costume ideas. If none of those work, I can probably come up with more.
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Response by poster: After some serious thought I decided to go ahead and go with the female Observer. Now trying to think of subtle ways to make it a little more feminine but still lying within the basics of an Observer. I'm thinking shimmery nude eye make up, lipstick, and a bit more dramatic but not overly so, black eyeliner.
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