Help me find this comic about depression/anxiety
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Can y'all help me find this comic about depression or anxiety. Three stages that I can recall: the first part is the narrator talking about how depression (or anxiety, can't remember which it was specifically) is like a devil on your shoulder and it follows you around telling you lies and falsehoods. In the middle the narrator talks about how he/she finds other people to share things with - I remember specifically "watching shows" and a picture of Heisenberg. Last panel is the narrator at a bus stop (or similar) with the anxiety/depression devil much smaller and the text something like "and now it isn't so loud" or "and now I can ignore it."

Is not: Hyperbole and a Half, Depression Comix, on any of the buzzfeed listicles linked on the blue recently.

Other features: pencil or pencil-like drawings. Pretty sure the narrator is a girl.

Please halp?
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Response by poster: To be clear, it was not a 3 panel comic strip, but a set of illustrations maybe 2-3 "pages" long.
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Some of this kind of reminds me of Marbles
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Is it this comic (which is ostensibly about an eating disorder but, as the author notes, much more about her emotional life in the end)? It was linked here on AskMe some months ago, which is how I found it.
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Specifically thinking of this page and the following few pages.
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Response by poster: It is unfortunately neither of those.
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How about this one?
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Response by poster: It is very similar to wayland's, but not that one. The illustrations were more detailed as I recall.

Frustrating, I feel like I could almost draw it I can remember it so well 8-)
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I think you're saucesome?
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Here is a list of comics and games dealing with depression, fwiw.
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Here is one from that link, The Inner Dark -- nothing about Heisenberg here, but the monster thing disappears abruptly when the girl joins her friends at the end.
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Could it be this one?
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