Examples of essay/articles without a character or main person
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Hello, I'm looking for examples of good essays/articles/long form journalism (2000-5000 words) that aren't told through profiling a person or based on the author's experience somewhere. I received advice that you don't pitch an idea or a subject, but a character, and I've stuck to that, but I'd like to try a few shorter articles and essays that don't depend on framing it around a person or a trip somewhere (my essays that hang off a person's story take over a year to get the material because I follow the person's journey). I hope that makes sense.
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On a Piece of Chalk - T. H. Huxley
A Dissertation Upon Roast Pig - Charles Lamb
On a Sun-Dial - William Hazlitt
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Best answer: John McPhee's "Oranges" is a classic. It's... all about oranges. (New Yorker paywall)
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Sports, but this 'oral history' of The Malice At The Palace would seem to fit the bill.
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Consider the Lobster.

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Response by poster: Thank you for the suggestions. I liked reading the older examples of the form and the more contemporary ones. Consider the Lobster is one of my favourite essays but the narrative is framed by the author's trip to the festival.
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