Molnija Mainspring Hunt
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I have a Molnija watch with a busted mainspring (picture of front). I've taken it to my local watch repairman and he couldn't find a replacement through whatever channels he had, but maybe RussianWatchFilter knows more?

A while ago I was winding my watch and there was a whirring noise and it lost the ability to build tension. I took it to a local watch repairman and he identified the problem as a busted mainspring and said he could find a replacement. He ended up not being able to find a replacement, instead fixing the spring somehow for a reduced price with a warning it would be more delicate and probably not reparable if it broke again. It's been about two months since the fix and while winding there was a small snap and it won't build pressure again.

The watch is not in great condition and not high quality to begin with. While I'm looking for a replacement, I have used this particular watch for probably eight years and it would be nice if I can get it fixed. A quick search online shows several people trying and failing to find mainsprings.

So, as far as specific questions:
  • Is there a good source for watch parts that I'm not finding on Google?
  • How can I find the model number of my watch or other information to help searching?
  • Do you know a source for Molnija mainsprings in particular?
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Best answer: eBay. Here's a listing for a complete movement, but just poke around. I have a Vostock Amphibia--Russian/Soviet watches are great.
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Best answer: Molnija is a fairly common brand of Russian pocket watches. eBay is probably your best solution. WatchRecon, a metaengine for watch sales forums, might be helpful as well. But honestly, eBay will be your best bet.
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Best answer: Having a quick gander on a Russian forum yields Cousins UK as your parts supplier.

This here page has some good pictures showing where serial numbers are to be found (and an astonishing amount of extra information!).
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Response by poster: Thanks guys! I should have thought of eBay, but I had no idea those other sources existed - the page on Molnijas specifically is a big help.
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