Where Can I Get This Black Wig?
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Where can I get a black wig similar/the same as the ones shown in the link? Either locally (Phoenix, AZ) or via online? I'd need it in time for October 26.
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Best answer: Amazon?
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Have you tried Easley's Fun Shop? They have pretty much every costume/makeup thing known to man. (Looking at their website, it isn't as clear as one would hope, but they're a brick and mortar store at 5th Ave and McDowell)
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Sunny's Hair and Wigs in Mesa.
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Also, Party City stores have a large selection of wigs for the Halloween season (at least here in Austin they have an entire wall of wigs).
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Pretty much any Halloween store/costume shop should have it. Pro tip: if you get a cheap bob with bangs, it will read as much more "real" than a cheap bob with a side part. The bangs hide the hairline, and the hairline is the #1 thing that makes a wig look wig-y.
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