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A friend and I, who work as teachers in Chile, are singing a duet for our school's benefit dinner next week and we would really like to hear your suggestions for any fun and upbeat English songs that you think would be a hit with our Chilean crowd.

My friend and I (both of us are women) have promised to sing a duet for the benefit dinner our school is having next week to raise money and showcase faculty talent. We are scratching our heads trying to come up with a good song that would be a) suitable for a duet, b) relatively upbeat and catchy, and c) reasonably well-known among South Americans, especially a late 30's or 40's crowd. For example, we previously dueted with "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" and it was a big hit, so we'd like to do something similar.

Some ideas we have so far are "I Want You Back," by Jackson 5, "Ain't No Mountain High Enough," and "Stand By Me" (the Spanglish version by Prince Royce, although we prefer that the song be mainly in English). Nothing too showy or dramatic - we just prefer a fun song that we and our audience can have fun with and even sing along to. Any songs come to mind? Any other ideas you have would be extremely helpful! Thanks in advance!
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"I Got You Babe"
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Dancing in the Streets, ala Jagger and Bowie.
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I Want You to Want Me
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3 Dog Night's Joy to the World.
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This doesn't count as upbeat, but I've been surprised how huge a hit REM's losing my religion was in many parts of Latin America.
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No idea how to make it a duet, but Sweet Caroline seems to always get everyone singing. Video of an entire stadium (attempting) to sing along here.
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How about: "Let's call the whole thing off" ("You say po-tay-to, and I say po-tah-to...etc.")

"Anything you can do, I can do better" (from "Annie Get Your Gun")

"Ohio" ("Why, oh why, oh why-o, why did we ever leave Ohio" - it's from an old, classic musical, and is sung by two homesick sisters. It could be hilarious if you really, really ham it up -- and give a tiny speech after singing it to explain that, actually, you're glad you're there and not Ohio (or the US), and in the show, the sisters quickly get over their homesickness and learn to love their new home).

These are all semi-oldies, but very singable and tuneful. "Anything you can do" is a little challenging melodically, but the opportunity to play off each other is really fun.
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Is "Afternoon Delight" well known? Maybe slightly risque but still fun?
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If you want to get any crowd finger-snapping in time, DooWop is the way to go. Start with Billy Joel's "The Longest Time".

To mellow things out, the Beach Boys "In My Room".
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Here's a lovely, sweet rendition of "I'd do anything for you" from Oliver! sung by 2 women...if you play guitar at all the chords that she's given look pretty easy.
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Bill Withers Lean on Me
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Depends on your ranges, but the Ike/Tina version of Proud Mary is always fun.
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