SSAS cubes on iPads?
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What is the best way to enable people to access SSAS cubes on iOS?

I need to enable some users to access SSAS cubes on their iPads. Searching the app store reveals lots of ways to solve or simulate a Rubik's Cube. Is this something that there is even an app for? Do I need to sharepointify all this so the client just thinks it's a web page? At present, we have nothing like that and cube consumers just connect with Excel.
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there's a few RDP clients for iOS, and I recall seeing recently that MS were going to provide their official RDP client as well. is having users connect to excel on their desktops or whatever a viable option?
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Response by poster: TBH these are the kind of users who are too precious important to open their laptops... I don't think I can sell RDP.
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Does something like this help?
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Have you looked at Tableau?
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If you have PowerView enabled on Sharepoint, that is an excellent option. The web client, in my experience, is every bit as good as the Excel plugin, plus they can share whatever they come up with more easily. The only snag might be Sharepoint's compatibility with Safari, but I think there may be a plugin to emulate IE. We tried using RDP, but if was a royal pain – you have to drag the cursor around with your finger and then try to click on the right UI element without accidentally moving the mouse – very counterintuitive.

And as previous commenters have mentioned, check out Tableau. They have an iPad client, although I don't know whether it allows you to connect to SSAS cubes.
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