send a resume now or later?
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I've been looking for an casting internship in NY. Most of the places I've called up have said that they're currently fully staffed but I'm more than welcome to email them my resume. When I've asked if they have a sense for when they might be looking again they've usually responded that they don't know. Would it make more sense for me to send my resume and cover letter to them now so they have it on file or wait a couple of months and call again to see if they have a vacancy later?

Pros/cons that I see:

Sending now:
Pro: they have it on file if a position suddenly opens up.
Con: my application may get lost in the shuffle. If I call back again after having sent my resume, I could seem like a nuisance.
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Why not send now, and then call again? Being a nice nuisance is a plus in show biz, and in casting, people are used to pushy, in my experience. The universe rewards action.
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Both. Send now. Assume that some will keep it on hand and remember you, and some will lose it and not even know they lost it. Send later.
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Another vote for both. And if you haven't already done so, try to network (e.g. through your alumni network, linkedin, friends of friends) to find people at the companies you are interested in, who can flag your resume to recruiters, or inform you if something comes up at those companies.
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Agree on send now and follow up with a call.
My advice would be to search for smaller casting agencies too. I interned many moons ago with a background casting agency. It was amazing, fun and intense. I don't know if they're still around, it was a 3 person office "amerifilm". Good luck and have fun. Also, actors are super needy, but will give you free things if you get them jobs :)
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