Outwitting Facebook spam
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Over the last week or so, I've been getting private messages on Facebook several times a day. Each of the conversations involves exactly 199 other people (presumably 200 is the maximum number you can contact through Facebook Messenger). They solely consist of people leaving the conversation, or spam. How do I stop them?

Presumably I am friends with one of the participants, because they come to my inbox and not my other folder. But I don't recognise any of the names...
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Response by poster: (I'd block whoever was initiating the conversations, but I can't see who the sender is, only the other participants, none of which I seem to be friends with.)
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Best answer: Click the gear up in the lefthand corner of your screen. Go to Privacy Settings.

Is your message filtering set to basic filtering? Change it to strict.

Basic filtering lets friend of friends message you directly, so on the chance it's someone you're not friends with, that'll at least shunt them to the other folder.
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Interesting - I received two of these messages too, last week. All people I do not know.
I suspect that one of the pages I inadvertently Liked was behind this missive.
I went to my subscriptions and deleted anything that I do not want to follow.
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