Stupid Facebook Tricks - Extensions and Feed Managers
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What extensions or settings do you use to keep everybody else's comments and activities out of your Facebook feed? And this is after having gone through and changed your feed to a Friends list and deselecting activities such as "Comments and Likes" from your Friends.

I'm pretty good about keeping my settings on Facebook up to date so that I'm not deluged with every single activity any of my friends do on there. However in the past week, despite the fact that the setting for every single one of my friends is that I don't want to see their Comments and Likes, I am getting exactly that information. Especially for things like a friend lists an item that they were going to put on Craigslist, but offered out to the community first. A lot of our mutual friends commented on this post, so I get hit with 20+ comments of how all these people commented on that post. And then how that person commented on their own post. None of which I should be seeing because I changed the settings to not see Comments from any of these people. I've tried setting up a Close Friends list to get around this noise, but is there anything I can do besides cursing a shitty UI? And is this happening to a majority of users or am I just particularly blessed?
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Social Fixer is going through a rough patch with Facebook at the moment, but they've historically been the best utility for hyper-customizing your Facebook feed and other features.
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Best answer: I've been using FB Purity for months with no problems. I like it quite a bit.
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Best answer: Happening to me, too! Always seems to happen right before a redesign.
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Response by poster: I've used Social Fixer before and was under the impression that they were getting hosed by Facebook. And the information page for FB Purity has said the same thing, that they're getting a run around from Facebook. Sure they want to push ads out to me (although the precision of their data mining can't be great because I constantly get ads in Spanish from the Mormon Church), but I don't need to see a cacophany of how many times a friend's post has been commented on, especially from mutual friends. So far I tried FB Purity and toca madera that irritating bug is on hold.
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Happening to me, too. I've also noticed that every time someone comments, it places that post, no matter how old, at the top of the feed. I'm going to try FB Purity and see if that fixes it. Thanks for posting!
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