Ad Hoc pub quiz locations in Richmond VA?
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I need to organize a pub quiz in Richmond VA for next February in advance of a wedding. Can you recommend venues that might welcome the crowd? The pub quiz would be open to the public.
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How many people? There are many pubs that would welcome you and several that would have seperate rooms to deal with it. Penny Lane used to hold pub quiz nights weekly, for instance. Pretty much all of the Capital Ale locations have large rooms where they'd likely be happy to accomodate you (particularly if you don't plan it for Saturday or Sunday) and they have a pretty spectacular beer list.
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Response by poster: probably 18 tables
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Honestly, there's a good chance of the downtown Capital Ale House not accommodating a pub night unless you put down a deposit for the room and sign a contract to meet a minimum for taking up a private area space. The only space large enough for an 18 table pub night would be the music hall and I know the minimum requirement is quite high.
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So… about 70 people? New York Deli can accommodate a fair number, though on their typical pub quiz night (Tue? Wed?) it already gets rather full. The Camel might go for it, or Bellytimber if you can all fit.
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It really is all going to depend on the night. I would first try Penny Lane, Bogarts (I know they have trivia nights sometimes), The Camel, and Balliceaux. If none of those work then I'd try F.W. Sullivans, New York Deli, Metro Grill, or McCormacks.
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