Dancing in Boston this Saturday night (10/19)
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My housemate wants to go dancing for his 40th birthday this weekend. We're looking for a venue with high energy danceable music. It should also be friendly to both queer and straight folks. A place popular with burners or other countercultural sorts would be ideal. I almost never go out dancing, so I have no ideas; maybe you do?
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You want to go to "HEROES" [FB], the weekly night by Chris Ewen, former resident DJ at Man Ray (and chief tunesmith of Future Bible Heroes). Saturday nights at T.T.'s after 10PM.
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I agree Heroes fits your bill as well as anything in Boston might, some more info:

It is friendly to gay and straight crowds.
The music is predominantly electronic with some punk and new wave, both old and new. Bands you're likely to hear: Petshop Boys, Erasure, Ladytron, OMD, Madonna. Not much Top 40.
The crowd is older than most clubs. There will be some twenty-somethings, but also quite a few thirty and forty-somethings.
There's usually a pretty large goth contingent.
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Heroes is fun. Very chill.

Someone should totally initiate a meetup there!
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check free magazine stuff at night, improperbostonian should have listings online. i know that the midway cafe has LGBTQ on thursday night.
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Oh how I miss Heroes! It meets exactly your requirements. Were I still in Boston I'd be up on stage dancing there Saturday myself.
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Hell yeah Heroes.
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Response by poster: Awesome, thanks everyone!
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