Seeking an Android calendar app with task management
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I'm looking for an Android calendar app with specific functionality when it comes to creating and marking off tasks. In short, I want to be able to create a task and have it repeat each day or weekly (and preferably still allow me to mark the task as complete each day or week). This is to facilitate making and meeting daily and weekly goals. Does such an app exist? What is it called?

It would be nice if this app would sync with Google calendars or had other helpful features for general life organization, but neither of these things is required for my purposes. This app would preferably cost less than $10 to download.

Thanks everyone for any input on this!
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Best answer: I use Wunderlist for chores and it does the repeating task / check off a repeating task thing.
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GTasks does this - it allows you to create tasks synced (or not) with Google Calendar, and will add them to your Gmail Tasks list as well. It supports repeating tasks. I think it's free; there may be a $4.99 charge to unlock some features, I can't remember.
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Business Calendar has a free tasks add-on. I use the calendar mainly, but playing with the tasks app now I see that it allows all kinds of repetition: every day, every n days, every Monday and Wednesday and so on. And it syncs with Google Tasks.

The full version (ad-free) cost €3.99, whatever that is in USD.
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I haven't used it on Android, but I believe Pocket Informant will do all that. I used it back in the day of pocket PC's, and it was very versatile.
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Response by poster: Thanks, everyone. Wunderlist turned out to work great for my needs.
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