Quick question about Medicare and Medicare Part D
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Does my mom have to renew her Medicare and Part D coverage?

Mom has both Medicare and Part D insurance coverage.
Because of her Alzheimer's, I've had all of her mail forwarded to my address. Over the past few months, I've noticed an uptick on mail touting Medicare and Medicare Part-D plans. Many of them use wording that seem to imply that we need to renew her coverage for 2014. This is news to me, and I've been dismissing the mailings as just marketing attempting to get seniors to switch plans, now that we're in the enrollment period.

Can you guys assure me that I don't have to wade into the Medicare forest, and I can just leave mom's coverage alone?
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Best answer: This short explainer put up by the Medicare policy program people at my work might be helpful.
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Response by poster: Many thanks, rtha. I can rest easy now.
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Many of them use wording that seem to imply that we need to renew her coverage for 2014.

Medicare Part A and Part B are one thing; Part D, however, is another. It is very possible that you might have a reason to change plans (if medications have changed), and it is also a reality that Part D coverage can end because the insurer is altering their available plans. If your MOM'S INSURER is telling you this, then you need to use the open enrollment period to find another plan. If you're just getting generic messages or sales pitches from ANOTHER INSURER or an advocacy group, they do not know the status of your plan and are just trying to get you to switch.

We are actually in receipt of a letter telling us that my dad's Part D plan is not offered in 2014 and we have to choose another.
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