Bedside tables for a drawer-filled captain's bed with no space
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I'm looking for bedside tables for a Captain's bed with drawers all around. I have about 2-3" space between the bottom of the drawer and the floor. I think we're looking for tables shaped like [ but don't know how to describe them. Any advice, either on tables or terminology?

We would rather not try floating shelves because of the heavy things (primarily cats) that will be using the bedside tables - our cats have taken down larger prey than floating shelves! Extra points if the bedside table has some version of storage, or would look good with the bed. Thanks!
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A c-table is what you seek. Yes?
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As long as the tables are movable, I don't think you need a special bedstands. Actually, even if they were shaped like [ I'm not sure that you could pull the drawer out anyway.

This is what it looks like with nightstands and a captain's bed.

Not bad, right?

Go with that, and store out of season stuff in the drawers at the head of the bed.
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Yes, C-Table (also called laptop trays now) is what I had with my Captain's bed with no space. It was perfect.
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You might be interested in this moving table. I don't think it fits what you're looking for because it lives at the foot of the bed instead of the side, but I am personally a fan.
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We have a bed like this. At first we used floating shelves, but we switched to a storage headboard because, like you, cat. The storage headboard works much better.
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If you're willing to budge on the no-floating-shelf option, I suggest the elfa system from the Container Store. We have these for our wall-mounted bookshelves: 4-5 shelves per horizontal support bracket, each loaded up with books (including law textbooks and the Internal Revenue Code). No issues with any loosening or drooping in the three or so years they've been installed. If it can support the tax code and regulations, I'd think it could support a cat.

You could do a shelf with a sliding basket below for storage, and maybe an accessory tray.
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Make your own floating shelf with strong brackets, like these, strong enough to support the weight of many cats- the one I linked to supports up to 80 lbs.
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Floating shelves above a low drawer that opens underneath the shelves is good way to hit your head getting things out of drawers.
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