Mass Special Senate Primary and the NSA, who thinks what?
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Ok, so I have not been following the MA primary as close as I would like for the last couple of months since Markey resigned. I am doing as much research as possible prior to the primary tomorrow but one issue in particular I have not been able to find much on despite my googling around.

Does anyone know if any of the candidates have stated anything about their stances on the NSA and privacy? I'm hoping to find time to give their respective phone lines a call tomorrow to see if I can get some answers but I wanted to know if anyone here had any info or thoughts in the meantime.
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Try this link. If you're looking for a pro-privacy position I think Sciorino has been the most vocal.
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This link indicates that Carl Sciortino is the person to vote for if you oppose domestic surveillance by the NSA. That jibes with the general trend of Carl being considered the more progressive candidate.
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Karen Spilka is strongly pro-privacy, anti NSA spying- see here
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Best answer: Spilka and Sciortino are both giving the strongest possible answers to surveys on this question.
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