What goes with yellow and oatmeal gray?
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I have this dress which I like. I would like to still wear it even now that the weather is getting cooler. What color leggings/tights would look good with it?

Links to places where I could buy such leggings or tights would also be appreciated. I'm having trouble finding anything in the stores I've been going to.
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Best answer: A tan cashmere cardigan or structured corduroy jacket and a pair of boots like these . You can do nude or pale yellow tights. Love the dress.
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Best answer: Teal?
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Orange, blue, teal, grey?

Posting your location might help with shop suggestions.
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Not orange. (Unless you want to look like Big Bird.)
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We Love Colors has tights in a lot of colors. I've found the quality to be quite good. They also have plus sizes, but I assume that since that dress doesn't run too large you are probably looking at regular.

I would wonder if baby blue would work. Or maybe peach? Or a deep charcoal grey? Or a brown with a little orange? I feel like the right deep blue would work, but I would want to carry that dress around to compare.

Target actually had some sort of nice deep blue tights last time I was there. They also seem to have charcoal tights most of the time.

You should also check Sock Dreams, but their website seems to be all goofy right now.
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Forest green, a really deep rich rusty sort of orange, maroon, or a dark almost-black purple.

I would prolly pick the deep orange for tights and dark green or blue for shoes. Black boots also obvsly fab.
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It's pretty neutral, I think you could wear that dress with black, navy, or charcoal tights, no problem.
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Seconding charcoal. Not as harsh as black, and would look great with the light grey in that dress.
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Okay, Sock dreams has colored tights in a lot of those sort of dusty/modcloth/sixties/"off" colors.

I have ordered from both We Love Colors and Sock Dreams, back before I switched to All Mannish Clothing All The Time, and both are very reliable (if you're worried about internet shopping.)
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See, I think dark or contrasting colors would make the dress look lighter, ie more summery and out-of-season (if you are in the US Northern fall season).

I'd keep the whole look light by wearing matching oatmeal or gray leggings. But that's just me.
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Response by poster: I live in the DC/MD area. In person, the dress is really more of a yellow and oatmeal/tan color than gray. I tried black and navy tights, and it didn't look right to me (I have brown skin - I don't know if that makes a difference). I'll see if charcoal works better, though I do like the idea of some shade of blue, maroon, or purple.

The Target by me had a dismal collection of hosiery last time I went, but maybe in the next few weeks they'll restock for winter.
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Best answer: H&M has a really wide selection of colourful tights. Try there!
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I also like the idea of charcoal. I think maroon would work well with dark skin, too.
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After the update, I'm thinking that nude tights (as in, the colour of your actual skin) could look pretty good, and you could put a pop of colour in a cardigan / jacket if you wanted.

Although I personally think looking like Big Bird would be excellent, so maybe you should take anything I say with a pinch of salt.
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Best answer: Charcoal or teal/turquoise, for sure.
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Another vote for teal. I would go colourful and steer clear of dark neutrals.
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While it does depend on what cardigan/shoes/accessories you're wearing with it, I think it'd be best to wear brown/you-nude tights/leggings with that dress. (or deep green. but I'm literal like that.) Despite having vibrant yellow in it, it's still very neutral, and bright colored tights would overwhelm it.

If you go teal/maroon, be sure you have something equally colorful and contrasty near your face (scarf/sweater/chunky necklace) so your legs aren't the most visually weighty/interesting part of the look.
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Whatever color tights you wear, match them to your shoes, that way it won't look so jarring.
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Medium gray, medium blue, a pale pastel, purple. Cute dress.
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Best answer: A bright turquoise/peacock blue sounds right, yes!
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Something on the purple spectrum, but not too blue and not too red. Burgundy?
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I VERY STRONGLY disagree about matching your tights to your shoes; people will think you are not wearing shoes. (Ask me how I know.)

I like the teal/purple/maroon suggestions. I would probably go maroon, myself. I personally think shoes should be darker than tights but plenty of people don't follow my rule and they seem to live healthy productive lives in spite of it.
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A nice dark olive.
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Best answer: So I have found one of the pros of being brown is you can carry off a lot more bright color than the paler ones. Therefore: teal, orange, hot pink, anything bright bright bright. And then shoes in a different bright.
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Disclaimer: I like my style a little off-beat
Hot pink
Pale dusty blue
I would also wear it with cream knitted stockings but I'm a very pasty lady so not sure how it would look on brown skin
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How is it that no one's mentioned white?

Oh yeah yeah white is a spring color, blahblah, who cares!

White tights and color pop shoes!
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well, I like to sometimes pair a dress like this with pants with fairly wide-flared hems (to match the flounce of the skirt). I think a light to medium grey color would be good, or wine/maroon. It's too pretty to keep in the closet all winter!

cf. wearing tunics and dresses over pants
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If it were me I'd wear it with a light gray cardigan and dark gray tights, or vice versa. Or a dark grey sweater (covering the top of the dress) with black tights and black boots (black everything with lots of yellow looks too harsh to me/too much like a bee).
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I really like the idea of wearing dark plum tights with this. Or dark charcoal grey. Those colors could also work for sweaters. I might try a dark charcoal tight with black shoes- maybe suede wedges? and then a mustard yellow cardigan.

re: tights brands: i like the Hue brand (Macy's and Nordstrom's both carry them) or Target's $5 xhilaration tights (they are sold rolled-up).
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Response by poster: So, I ended up getting some tealish/dusty blue tights at H&M, and they look pretty cute. I also wore the dress with boots similar to the color nubianinthedesert recommended, and I got a lot of compliments. Also, thanks dame for giving me the courage to wear bold colors (and really everyone here!).
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