Is there any way to read .atom files?
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Google Takeout allows one to export a blog from within Blogger, in the form of a .atom file. Opening the file in a web browser produces the message "This is an Atom formatted XML site feed. It is intended to be viewed in a Newsreader or syndicated to another site. Please visit Blogger Help for more info" My goal is to convert this file to a standard html bookmarks file, but I can't find any apps that can parse it so I can export it as html. Thanks for any suggestions.

As I was searching for answers to the larger problem of importing Blogger into Delicious, I realized I asked about this seven years ago. In seven years I could have learned how to program or even moved my blogger stuff to Wordpress or a similar site (which I will probably do anyway).
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Response by poster: To recap: I am trying to convert the .atom xml file to html.
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This article / question seems to provide a way to display the Atom XML as HTML, does that help?
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Response by poster: Thank you. I placed the stylesheet in the same folder as the file, and followed the instructions but received various rendering errors. I will continue to mess with it under the assumption that I am doing something wrong.
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What kind of errors are you getting?
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mecran01, I'm going to mefi mail you something...
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you could read the file in a text editor; it's just an XML file

make a copy of the file and work with the copy, as always
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Response by poster: I eventually managed to extract the blog contents as a single text file, but I failed to document the process and forgot how I did it. Ugh.
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