Can you identify this animal or insect sound?
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The sound of this animal or insect was captured a few nights ago. I live in the Northeast, this was at night and the noisemaker in question was clearly high up in a tree.

Here's the sound in question.

Any help appreciated!
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Frog. The species, I could not tell you, but pretty sure that is a frog.
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Response by poster: Interesting. According to this dude, there are only 2 types of tree frogs in Massachusetts, the "tiny peeper" and the "gray treefrog".

My minimal research doesn't get a match on the audio, but will keep looking.
posted by jeremias at 7:50 PM on October 12, 2013

I'm pretty sure that's an insect, not a frog. I would guess katydid of some kind (I'm more used to katydids that have a 3-pulse song, but they're pretty variable). This site is a good resource for insect sounds.
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