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I want to attach a suction-cup soap dish in the shower. Suction cups don't work on my tiled bathroom walls.

It must have something to do with the material or texture of the tiles. I've tried different suction cups from OXO and other brands, I've tried cleaning the tiles with rubbing alcohol, I've tried attaching the suction cups wet and dry. They stick on for a minute or two, then lose suction and fall off.

I've also tried putting a piece of clear packing tape on the wall to create a smoother surface for the suction cups to stick to: no improvement. The tile feels quite smooth to the touch, but it's far from new.

What else is likely to work? Are there products sold for people in my predicament?
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Are you renting or do you own? (ie - are you open to some more permanent solutions?)
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Not to be a Debbie Downer but I have the same problem, have tried the same solutions, and have never gotten it to work. The suction cup simply will not form a strong seal with the tile material. It must be too porous or something.
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This might work.
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I was about to suggest exactly the thing that bdk3clash suggests. It works on friction, not suction. We installed ours a few months ago and have shampoo bottles and various other things on it, so far with no sign of it budging an inch. The one negative: you need to make sure you wipe the water off the little chrome rails after the shower or they'll rust.
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Response by poster: Are you renting or do you own?

Renting. There is no such thing as home ownership.

Also, what about Sugru? Have you tried it for this application?
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Best answer: 3M Command Adhesive works well in this situation. However, you need to make sure you get the waterproof kind, which is blue.
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Best answer: Seconding the waterproof 3M Command strips. I bought a caddy that uses them and it's the only thing that hasn't fallen off the wall of my plastic tub surround.
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Best answer: 3rding the Command adhesive strips and hooks. Got them in two showers, for at least 5 years, never a problem. And they remove beautifully. They just created a new line of bathroom stuff beyond just hooks.
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Best answer: Yeah, came in to mention the command strip thingies. I've seen them in the bathroom of some gross boys living the "Aren't you college graduates? Don't you clean?" lifestyle and they were probably both the nicest and oldest things in that bathroom.
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Response by poster: OK, ordered a Command soap dish module. Will report back once it arrives.
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Response by poster: Update: the Command soap dish is working beautifully so far, both at keeping soap well-drained and at not falling down.
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