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I'm currently a junior level mobile developer for an air travel .com company. It's a full time job. I'm also working on developing an iPhone app which is a Foursquare client (currently free, but developing it more until paid features can be added once I reach a reasonable point of development).

I'm looking for an extra source of income as a 22 year old full time working, part time studying student/worker. What is a good way to make a second source of income?
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Develop apps for windows phone. The vast majority of iOS and Android apps never get downloaded, never mind paid for. We only have one decent 4sq third-party app for WP (the once-excellent 4th and Mayor) that hasn't been updated in forever. WP has more marketshare than iOS in many markets.
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Check your memail.
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Make sure your employment contract doesn't give your day-job employer ownership of what you're doing on the side.
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Many programmers and creative professionals make a full-time living using Elance.com Check out some of the projects posted for developing mobile apps or other types of programming you like.
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