It'll be ONE sweet party!
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My daughter's first birthday is coming up in two weeks, and we're having a party. The invitations emphasized "one", so that's the theme. What "one"-themed things can I do, for food or decorations?

I like parties with a theme running through them, so my son's first birthday had a "You are my sunshine" theme. His third birthday just a few weeks ago was a pirate party, with balloon swords, pirate hats for decor and toys. I served smoked salmon, goldfish crackers, veggies (to prevent scurvy!), fruit kebabs on appetizer sword skewers, a pizza decorated like a treasure map, and Pirate Booty.

For my daughter, what food can I serve that alludes to the fact that she's turning one? The party is from 3-6 pm and will have mostly our adult friends, and a few kids between 1-4. Also, any ideas for decorations besides your basic pennant bunting, paper chain type stuff? I am creative but don't have a lot of time on my hands.
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You could serve juice boxes of O.N.E. brand coconut water. (Disclaimer: I've never tried that brand, but the label would certainly make your point.)
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Themed birthday parties are the best. Pretty much anything stick-shaped can pass as a numeral 1, right? Pretzel sticks, carrot sticks, mozzarella sticks, hot dogs, crullers...or really whatever you want to cut into stick form.

(Also you could play Uno!)
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Pinterest pins for 1st birthday parties! Also, "ONE sweet birthday" is a nice theme for a candy or dessert bar, if you hang a custom banner over the table to tie it to the theme. Otherwise, you can make 1st birthday banners, and/or cupcake toppers (which can be stuck in brownies etc.) You can also get printables - banners, cupcake wrappers, toppers, etc - for 1st birthdays. I just did a bunch fr a shower, and if you have time, they are fun to put together.
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You could have music in the background, and make a playlist of songs with "One" featured in the title or lyrics. "One" from A Chorus Line, "You're the One that I Want" from Grease, "One" by U2 (bit of a downer, but hey, it's mellow enough to be background-y), the Chiffons' "One Fine Day," Barenaked Ladies' "One Week," Daft Punk, "One More Time," etc.

I could go on, but it would get depressing because my musical taste runs that way.

Oh P.S. I found this for more ideas.
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You could have little single serving snacks- one serving per year :)
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Fiber One bars. :|

One topping pizza.

Get your Metallica on with One

Make single portions of every thing.

You could focus on "firsts." First woman in outer space, first president, etc.

Or just focus instead on the "sweet" in "one sweet party." The possibilities are endless - could you imagine the sweet bar you could have!? Including cupcake fondue.
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Play nothing but One Direction!
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Sandwiches on Won-der bread?
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