Looking for an amazingly campy dance sequence from an old movie.
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I saw an old clip on cable a while back and can't find it again. It featured what I think was a young Buddy Ebsen, though it could have been another actor who was later famous as an older man. The clip was in black and white, I believe the principal dancers were in sailor suits, and the song was something like "keep it gay" or "make it gay" but it was definitely not the song/dance sequence from The Producers. Does this ring a bell for anyone?
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Not the movie clip you're talking about, but here's William Shatner singing "Keep it Gay" in 1969. Presumably it's the same song you're talking about.
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The song, I believe, is Rodgers and Hammerstein's original Keep It Gay (sung by Rosemary Clooney; sung by Kate Smith), from Me and Juliet (1953), which is what the song in The Producers was spoofing.

Ebsen was a singer and appeared on Broadway five times, all of them musicals. Although Ebsen appeared in such early stage-to-TV programming as Broadway Television Theater (slightly too early), it doesn't look as though IMDb has any record of a television staging of "Me and Juliet"; of course it's possible he did it for another program.
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Sounds an awful lot like Shipyard Sally (1939), of which I know nothing -- I'm just Google-extrapolating back from a reference to it that I remember from The History Boys. The song in the film is "Wish Me Luck as You Wave Me Goodbye" by Gracie Fields, and it includes the lines "not a tear, but a cheer/make it gay!"
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Upon finding the relevant clip from Shipyard Sally, there are no sailors (or any male singers/dancers) featured in it, which pretty much shoots my idea down. Also, it's only campy in the ordinary manner of a flag-waving WWII-era musical about a failed music hall artiste agitating for shipbuilders' rights; on the grand gauge of camp, it barely moves the needle.
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You did specify a young Ebsen, and that's certainly possible; I wonder if it was perhaps his supporting appearance in Born to Dance, a movie starring Eleanor Powell, but with a naval theme? Here's part of the number Swingin' the Jinx Away (by Cole Porter), including a marching band on a mockup of a battleship. Here he is singing Hey Hey Babe in a sailor outfit. But the word 'gay' is neither in that song nor capably in any subtext.
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Probably not what you're looking for, but when I think of Buddy Epsen and naval theme, I think of The Codfish Ball with Shirley Temple.
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My musical theater boyfriend suggests Born to Dance or Captain January, and thinks Born to Dance is more likely.
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Could you be thinking of Gene Kelly in "On the Town"? (Long shot, but it's got sailors dancing and a bit of homoerotic innuendo.)
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