Help me find the name of this cheesy movie
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My friends and I watched this super-cheesy 70's movie on late night TV, broadcast not cable, but of course we turned it on after the opening credits and 16-year-old me didn't think to check the TV listings later. This was around 1995-96. Plot details below.

The basic plot was about two 13 or 14-year old girls pursuing their inappropriate crushes. The main girl has a crush on a hot, college age, guitar teacher. She lies and tells him she is a junior or senior in high school. There is a scene where he goes to pick her up at the local Catholic school and she has decked herself out in a uniform and sneaked there to emerge from the crowd. The subplot is her best friend has a crush on her dentist and is constantly eating candy to try and get cavities so she can see him.

At the end of the movie: they are at the drive-in about to get hot and heavy and she finally stops him and tells him she is actually 14 and could they take it slow. He sighs heavily and tells her they can take it slow, she is in awe of his grudging acceptance to not statutorily rape her. The end.

I have tried searching IMDB over the years. It could be a made for TV movie.
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Best answer: I don't remember the subplot of the friend with the crush on her dentist, but the catholic schoolgirl crush and lying about her age to her sexy guitar teacher/wanna be rock star is the plot of Sooner or Later with Rex Smith.

and it's apparently on you tube, in segments.
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Response by poster: I'm pretty sure that is it and I see a character named Dr. Donnie on the IMDB listing so maybe I'm not completely crazy about the dentist subplot. Thank you!
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Best answer: Ah, not only do I remember that movie, but just three days ago, I thumbed through the book version as I was packing to move! I, ahem, may or may not also own the soundtrack album, featuring the smash hit, You Take My Breath Away.

The book, at least, was actually pretty good in terms of realistically describing a virgin girl's feelings about wanting to have sex but also being scared. But yeah, even when the movie first aired - it was a made-for-tv movie, late '78 or early '79, I believe - it was cheesy as hell.

And the subplot about eating candy and dentists does sound very familiar.
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MexicanYenta, I remember the book too, and have the same vague impression left even after all these years. Now that I look there are a couple of sequels, too, Waiting Games and Now or Never.
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Response by poster: And it is on Netflix! Now I have to read the books :-)
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