Looking for light pink dress flats for a wedding...
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I'm a bridesmaid in a wedding in two weeks, and I desperately need pink flats! The dress looks like this. I did find shoes that I like (these) but the eBay seller mislabeled them as size 41 and they were actually 39.5, so they didn't fit. I very much liked the style of them, however. Can you help?

Size 10.5, but I usually go up to size 11. For some shoes, like Bass and Frye, I'm a 10.

Can you help me find pretty pink flats? Yes, they must be LIGHT pink, dressy flats. A "neutral" pink like this won't work because of the dress color. Being able to return them would be nice, but not required if the shoes are good quality. Less than $100 is ideal, but I'll entertain anything less than $200.

Thank you!!
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http://store.delias.com/product/lula+flat+309590.do?sortby=ourPicks&refType=&from=fn The color is listed as "nude" but they look pink to me.
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Is there a reason you can't go to one of those cheap mall shoe stores or David's or similar and get dyeables?
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Response by poster: DestinationUnknown: I should call one of them and ask, but the site for David's bridal says it takes three weeks. Also, they are not waterproof and at this point I'm expecting it to rain. I wore the dyebles for my sister's wedding and my feet were purple by the end of the night.

Juniper: Those aren't available in my size! :(
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These JCrew flats are simple but pretty,and returnable if the color isn't quite right (can't tell if they are more pink or more tan). These Kate Spades are absolutely perfect...except for price. Maybe they are on ebay?
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Oh poop. Sorry. http://www.barefoottess.com/sm-tailor-pink.html
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Zappos has these ballet flats which are very pretty.

This one might be okay.

Amazon has these for under $14.

This Clark might do. (Hard to tell about the color.)

This one is SO pretty!

This one seems nice.

This one is Perfect!

This is cute and comes in pink.

Beaded and elegant.

I'd order a few from Amazon and return the ones you don't like.
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Three weeks, yikes. I don't remember it taking that long. Maybe try a smaller local bridal boutique kind of store, they might be able to rush them for you.

There are pink flats in your size at DSW and Zappos, though they might be too casual. But some of the plainer ones like these could possibly be dressed up with clips. As a last resort.
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Alright, these are lavender but they are your size so you should just buy them for another occaision. Or buy both them and the pink size 10s and maybe the pink will fit! I never realized how hard it was to find shoes in size 11, and it shouldn't be!
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One more- embellished loafer
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If you have a neutral flat already you could go with a pink shoe clip like these to dress it up and pick up the color.
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Start looking for shoes labeled "blush" instead of "pink." Might give you results more like your example.
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Assuming you can get generically light-colored flats in a style you like, it's dead easy to DIY glitter shoes-- and light pink is a very easy-to-find glitter color. Definitely do the final polyurethane-coating step if you expect it to rain.
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Have you considered Toms shoes? I've seen many people sport the glitter or shiny ones at weddings. Here's a cute pair and these glitter ones are awesome. These ones are also pretty. They're decently priced and their sizes go up to 12.
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Oh, I wish we were friends in the same city. I wear the exact same shoe size (why in the world don't more companies make 10.5s?) and have the hardest time finding shoes. I have a pair of light pink sequinned ballet flats from a few years ago (from Payless, of all places) that I would happily loan you. :)

I have friends that swear by Tieks, but I don't know if the blue sole would be distracting.
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