How do I handle the contract work
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I have been recently out of job since july, and now have an opportunity to get a contract work for an NGO.

The work would involve moving their data from Excel spreadsheets to a database for some of their programs.

I proposed that they move to MS Access, since they have not used any sort of database before.

They also want their field officers to be able to send html filled forms from their Google Nexus tablets while in fields. I proposed they send the html filled forms through outlook, which will directly go to MS Access database.

Do you think this would be logical. ? They do not have have whole amount of budget for this.
I have to give the final proposal and timeline by tuesday, after which the contract would be signed.

This is first time I am doing anything like this, so need some help here..

Proposing desktop applications for simple input, update with backend mysql database is another idea, but that would involve more work for me, and more budget for them. Secondly, the android application would end being more complicated, to send anything to the mysql

My work will involve help them move to the database, documentations, providing training etc..

Please helllllllllllllllp....
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Response by poster: Anyone with some ideas?
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