Video Violin lessons?
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You can learn piano, guitar, and even the ocarina on YouTube. So, are there any good violin lessons out there? I'm looking for anything, but especially beginner violin (from, this is how you hold the bow to "caring for your violin" type videos.)

I ask because I don't have the option of taking lessons with something like a professional instructor, and I happen to be very shy about learning violin. Thanks.
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I love The Online Violin Tutor on Youtube ->

Her 10 lessons playlist is especially great for getting started from the absolute beginner. She occasionally accepts Skype videos of her students and critiques them for everybody.
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Violin Master Class. You do need to create an account to use the site, though.
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You definitely want to check out professorV, a k a Todd Ehle. He has dozens of videos on YouTube and comes highly recommended by many in the online fiddling/violin community. If you've got just a few bucks, and your interest is more "vernacular" than classical, you might want to invest in a subscription to Darol Anger's online Fiddle School. Not only are there many instructional videos, but Anger also accepts and comments on student videos. I've spent many happy hours devouring the information on both of these sites. And while I still suck at playing the violin, I feel I have learned a lot from both Ehle and Anger.
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You can learn the basics of how to hold a violin and find where your fingers need to go approximately on the neck of the violin from a book or through a video. To actually play it nicely, beyond the basics, you will likely need feedback about what you are doing. Teaching is a two way process. In one direction the teacher is telling you the instructions of what you need to do or explaining how the biomechanics work. In the other direction, you are trying to do it and receiving feedback about how it's going and what you need to fix. If you are just starting out there will be a lot that you need to fix. This is an important component. You can receive the instructions part through a video and lots of smart musicians post master classes online. Sometimes you can google "[famous musician] master class" and find one. But you will not receive any feedback or correction through video. There will not be a dynamic mind thinking about what the next step is for you to help you grow as a musician. And that is a big piece of what you need if you want to learn how to play a musical instrument. In many ways it is not like cooking or knitting or other things where you just hear the instructions and suddenly you know it.

On the other hand, it's admirable to be self motivated.
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There is no substitute for an actual lesson. Master classes and the like are generally aimed at musicians with a good base technique. Violin is much harder to teach yourself than other instruments because the physical technique of it is really, really awkward. If you're looking to fiddle or play other music typically played by the self-taught, please ignore me, but if you have classical ambitions, try to get some real lessons every now and then.

If you have some sort of musical background already, that should help. I am a classically trained violinist (sort of) and I find it pretty easy to pick up other instruments. I have a good ear, I can sight-read well, etc. Even so, I would see a teacher and have them check your technique because you can fuck up your neck and your shoulders and your wrists with bad technique, never mind the sounds coming out of the instrument.

I also highly recommend video-taping yourself. I had to submit some videotaped auditions and holy shit! So eye-opening, if a little depressing.

I happen to be very shy about learning violin.

Don't be silly.
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