How can I find English-language info on Japanese Pro Bowling/Bowlers?
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I'm doing research on bowling and bowling pros, and I've had a hard time finding info on bowlers from Japan/JPBA (Japan Professional Bowling Association). Does anyone know any English sources that cover (or covered) the JPBA or any of their top bowlers?

I have tried a translation of the JPBA website, but it only got me so far. Did find some basic info on bowlers from their profiles. I'd like to know info on the JPBA itself, like major tournaments, all-time money winners, hall of fame, things like that. Also would like to find feature articles on some of the major stars from the past, like Junichi Yajima, Takeo Sakai, Shinobu Saitoh, Katsuko Sugimoto and Kayoko Suda, specifically. Hopefully from a periodical that covers Japan, but publishes in English. Some of the bowlers above were big in the 70s/80s, were there periodicals published/indexed in English from those time periods?
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You should contact the Japanese embassy and ask to speak to their cultural or commercial liaison and explain your request. I had to do the same thing a few years ago when I was working for a basketball team. They can be very helpful in making direct contact with those in the know.
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This site seems to have quite a bit of info. You could also try various fan forums.
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