Math game that featured Bach and Mozart
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Around 1995 I played a game on the Mac in school that was for educational purposes, supposedly for the purposes of drilling math skills, and had Mozart Symphony no. 40 (1st movement and but I think 3rd as well), Bach BWV 999, and possibly some Paganini as well, as background music. Do you know what it was?
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Response by poster: Actually upon further research I think the protagonist looked like the guy from Midnight Rescue but I'm not finding any videos on YouTube that match up with what I remember.
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Best answer: OutNumbered!, another Learning Company game:
In lieu of original musical scores, OutNumbered! uses famous classical pieces as background music. The music played in the halls is from Mozart's 40th Symphony, specifically, its first and fourth movements. The music played in the rooms are based on Rachmaninoff's variations on Paganini's 24th Caprice.
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Best answer: Oh man I remember that game! Do these videos ring a bell?
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I think most of the Learning Company's games used classical music. Treasure Mountain / Treasure Mathstorm used "In the Hall of the Mountain King" incessantly. I thing Treasure Cove and Operation Neptune may have had original scores though.
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