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I'm looking for an essay I read several years ago (circa 2002–2007) that is an appreciation of dust, especially dust gathering in the home/not dusting. Its author is female. It may be part of a book/collection of essays by this author. A detail I remember from the essay: the author writes that it's not necessary to clean your cups very well, except when you have company at your home.

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A long shot, and not female: but could it possibly have been Quentin Crisp? "There is no need to do any housework at all. After the first four years the dirt doesn't get any worse."
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Could it be from “Dust”, by Phyllis April King? Here's the excerpt she read on Ivor Cutler's album ‘Jammy Smears’ (1976):
I do not know what dust is
I do not know where it comes from
I only know that it settles on things
I cannot see it in the air or watch it fall
Sometimes I'm home all day
But I never see it sliding about looking for a place to rest when my back is turned
Does it wait 'til I go out?
Or does it happen in the night when I go to sleep?
Dust is not fussy about the places it chooses
Though it seems to prefer still objects
Sometimes, out of kindness I let it lie for weeks
On some places it will lie forever
However, dust holds no grudges and once removed
It will always return in a friendly way.
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Best answer: Secret Life of Dust by Hannah Holmes?
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