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An (likely) easy HTML (perhaps?) question in which I ask you to look at my blog and tell me how I can fix a problem.

I care about that 1% of the internet that uses Opera... mostly because I use Opera. Can you tell me why my Flickr badge on my blog is at the bottom instead of on the side as it should be (it is in FF and IE)? If you can, and you tell me, that would be nice. Thank you.

Also, if I broke a rule, you have permission to assassinate me with a brick. Just be quiet about it, the baby is trying to sleep.
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Best answer: I hate to sound like a bastard, but if you're going to use xhtml, even transitional, and then ask for help you need to validate it and sort out why it ain't valid first. Validate first, ask questions later.

Apologies if this is blogspot code, but looking at it in FF, I can only see the flickr link, not a 'badge' per se, so I'm not quite sure where you're coming from. Happy to help upon elucidation.
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Where you set up the Flickr parameters (borders, background colours etc.) try setting first one to
flickr_badge_background_color = "transparent;float:left";

You're essentially just tricking the Flickr script into floating the whole "badge", which fixes the problem.
Although I couldn't find what was causing the problem in the first place.
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Actually, curt as he was, Sparx has got a good point: the blogspot code is, as we scientists say, bolloxed.

There are replicated ID, invalid tags, unclosed DIVs...
I can fix the symptom, but there's a whole lot of cause for grief in there I can't touch for you.
Still, I'm sure if you dig up any more probs we'll find a way round.
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"Validate first, ask questions later"

Yes yes yes. I wish more people understood that.

Having valid code isn't the end point which solves all your problems, but it's the only viable starting point.
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