Streaming Brazilian radio with good music AND Portuguese speech?
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As part of my quest to learn Brazilian Portuguese, I'd like to listen to Brazilian radio at least some of the time (preferably streaming through iTunes). However, what I'm finding online has lots of bossa nova (good) but pretty much no Portuguese (bad). Does anyone have pointers to stations that have both good music (my tastes are eclectic, so samba and forró are great but baile funk is great too) and DJs speaking in Portuguese in between?
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If you happen to have an iOS device then you could have a look at OoTunes - this is a radio streaming app. I mention this because it allows a "browse by country" and then "by city" facilty - so you can find those stations that are actually based in Brazil. Am currently listening to
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I listen to mpbfm, a station from Rio. It has adverts and some spoken segments.
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You might want to check out some of Tom-B's posts (or send him MeFiMail). According to his profile he lives in São Paulo and he's made some excellent Brazilian music/podcast posts so you may find something in there of interest (or he may be able to point you in the right direction re: your specific question.)
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone!
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Also: Nova Brasil FM
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