Allow me to lull you in to trance-like state of relaxation
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I have a very busy, hard to shut up brain and falling (and staying) asleep has always been a problem for me. A few months ago I came across the guided relaxation/hypnosis/meditation programs by Andrew Johnson in the google play store and started listening to them in bed as I fall asleep. They are wonderful. I want more, and I want to be able to do this more comfortably.

Those apps have been life changing for me. I thought they would be total nonsense, and I refer to them as "my stupid relaxation thingies" because I am still in disbelief, but they truly are fantastic. I fall asleep in no time flat and my stress levels are markedly lower since I started using them. Sometimes I use them during the day to de-stress as well (you can choose to have the program end either with sleep or wakefulness). I attribute my having been able to get through the insanity of the days leading up to my wedding largely to those stupid recordings. I don't know how much effect (if any) the messages for each specific one has (Postivity, Stop Procrastination, Confidence, etc.) but I like having the variety. I have purchased pretty much all of the Andrew Johnson ones except for the ones that are clearly unrelated (pregnancy, exam prep, quitting smoking). The Deep Sleep one is by far my favourite and is what I use when I need to break out the big guns. I would love to have even more of this type of thing to choose from when I go to sleep. What do you recommend, or do I already have the best that is out there?

Features I like:
- the thorough guided relaxation process before the main program message
- ability to choose how many times the main program loops
- relaxing voice
- able to choose whether the program ends with sleep or wakefulness
- can be played on my phone (Android)

My setup isn't perfect though. I bought the flattest, tiniest earbuds I could find in the hopes that they wouldn't poke and hurt my ears while I lay on my side on my pillow. They still aren't super comfortable, though, and because my husband snores I usually end up waking up shortly after the program ends and have to take out the ear buds and put in my earplugs. If I could avoid that step that would be nice. I heard about Sleep Phones and it sounds like they are meant for exactly this. I was wondering if anyone knows if they are worthwhile, or if there is a better option for listening in bed? (NOTE: pillow speakers aren't an option as it would disturb my husband)
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Both boypublisher and I have sleepphones and use them all the time, and have done for years. Get the braided cord, the normal cord doesn't last as long as I would like.

If you listen at a louder volume, those near you can hear the sound bleeding out. It is not a problem for me, because I listen at a low volume before bed.
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Response by poster: I should have said that I am especially interested in the wireless version of the SleepPhone so that I don't have to worry about cords tangling. I'm a floppy sleeper and wires become an issue. I was thinking with the wireless one I could just sleep with it on and not have to worry about taking it off at some point in the night. That said, I am glad to hear someone vouch for wired ones at least.
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In the meantime, while you're choosing your next headphone experience, turn your earbuds upside down. Like, insert them in your ears upside down. For me, that takes earbuds from a constant always-there pain to basically invisible.
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Wireless Sleepphones!
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I very nearly wrote this question myself because I have become dependant on white noise to sleep and headphones are annoying.

I am using an Android app called White Noise which lets you mix and match different noises together. (My current sleep soundtrack Heavy Rain/Pebble Beach/Seagulls on Beach/Starship Enterprise Engine room)

I've always been intrigued, but dubious about hypnosis type things. I'm a tremendous sceptic when it comes to that sort of thing, but I might well check it out.
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Pzizz was a lifechanger for me. That link takes you to the desktop app; it is also on the Google app store.
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Check out the recordings at and for relaxation recordings. Wendi Friesen makes some good ones too. On a slightly different tip, you might also like Dr. Jeffrey Thompson's binaural beats recordings. Or on Android there is a pretty great white noise/binaural app by Ambiscience -- might be on iPhone too?
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I have SleepPhones, and they work fine. I didn't know they made wireless ones, maybe I'll try those.

The headband stretches out, so you may want to err on the side of smaller.

Though if you like to fall asleep on your side rather than your back, they're not as good for things like Pzizz or binaural beats, because the side you're laying on is noticeably louder than the other side.

But for just listening to stuff and falling asleep? They're very good. I don't travel without mine.
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I like Andrew Johnson, but my favourite is Glenn Harrold (UK accent).

It looks like he has a free Google Play app?
I got some recordings through my library's e-audio-book service.

It has slightly different sounds in left ear to right ear, and an echoing effect on some phrases which mean I start mentally repeating them (Feeling calm, and relaxed, etc).

I like the 15 minute versions, Detoxing your life, Manifesting your goals, and the sleep one.

Even when I was feeling quite down, I'd feel better after napping or sleeping to these. I think they were helping me relax more right before sleep, and triggering happier, more optimistic dreams, which helped me feel better, even when I didn't quite remember the dreams.
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