Who Can Hack My Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse?
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I recently had to retire my malfunctioning M$ Natural Wireless Laser Mouse 6000. I bought the M$ Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse, which works beautifully but is missing essential button functions. The "Back" button is tiny, stiff and hard to reach, and the "Forward" button is gone completely. I can set the "Click Roller" button to "Forward," but I'd much rather reset the "Horizontal Scrolling" functions (nudge roller left and right) to "Forward" and "Back." Is there a way to do this? Where else should I go to ask this question?
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posted by jeb at 8:14 PM on October 8, 2013

It's been years (like, six at least) since I had a MS mouse, but I remember they had some software that you could download to remap the buttons. Mine had the functions all switched around. Intellipoint maybe?
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Is there a way to do this? Where else should I go to ask this question?

Yes, probably, but exactly how you do it depends on what operating system you're using.
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Response by poster: @sebastienbailard - My OS is Window 7.
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I googled "remap mouse buttons Windows 7".

Try a program called XMouse Button Control.
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