Flying to Chiapas (airport tgx) in Mexico
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We need some travel tips on our upcoming trip to Chiapas (Mexico) for this week. Mostly your input on how to find the best flight and what cities can we visit on a 9 day tour.

We are looking to travel from West Coast US to Chiapas in Mexico this week/weekend. Our goal is to put tent at San Cristobal de las Casas and then make some side trips. Some questions-

-Which cities in that area would you recommend?
-We are trying to find the best flight deals - any suggestions on flights would be great (online sites/stopovers/airlines). Tried the expedia thing but it sure isn't working for us.

Thank you
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Southwest Airlines has partnered with AirTran for their international flights. It's the same deal as with their flights are only available through their website, and you won't see them show up on travel search sites like Expedia. They were several hundred dollars cheaper than the second-cheapest flights when I flew to Mexico City from SoCal earlier this year.
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Oh, but of course the closest AirTran gets is Mexico City or Cancun. Ah, well, sorry for the poor rec.
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Flying within Mexico on Aerobus is often dirt cheap. In the past, going between Texas and Chiapas, I've taken the bus to Monterrey and then flown Aerobus to Tuxtla. A one way flight from Monterrey to TGZ can be as cheap as $70 USD.

That particular plan probably isn't a good idea right now — crossing that border by bus seems potentially pretty hairy. But if you find a good enough deal on flights to somewhere in Mexico, Aerobus might still be good for the last leg.
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